So…I had a date last night…

“So…I had a date last night…” How many times did we start this sentence only to continue with an either funny, weird and/cringey story? Some we forget straight away, some leave tiny marks in our heads and our hearts.

Every date is a new opportunity to start a potential relationship but, along the way, we sometimes kiss more frogs than we would like. It can lead to self-judgment, frustration and most of the time a lot of incomprehension.

So we share those stories with our friends, hoping for comfort and wise words, and most of the time, it’s great! (especially around a glass of wine). But then, your friends know you, and sometimes they have heard the same kind of stories from you several times. Or they just began a relationship and don’t share this single journey with you anymore, or just “yeah, yeah” you until they finally can make a comment after you.

Or maybe you don’t have the luxury to have close friends you trust to share those stories with. Or maybe, you just noticed that your friends go through the same kind of stories as you and you just fuel each other with the same resentment so you would like to share with somebody neutral for once?

This is why I have created the “So…I had a date last night…” sessions. For one hour, we will have a coaching conversation on the phone about your experience and anything you would like to discuss around that. Ok, it doesn’t have to be from the actual last night, it can also be something that happened a while ago but is still bothering you, or it can be from a virtual date or conversation, anything you want!

I will offer only a limited number of sessions per week, on Monday evenings only. And because a date happens only once, when you sign up for a session, that’s all you sign up for! I usually charge 60€ per hour, but because this setting will be more casual- you will probably hear me wandering around my house during the call), the price will be 30€ only.

So next time you want to share about your crappy date, don’t forget to book your session below!