Individual Coaching Session

Sometimes you don’t feel like engaging yourself in a long and committed relationship, doesn’t mean that you don’t want any relationship at all. Hum…I am talking about coaching here!

Maybe you are not sure about what are your needs, or what are the subjects you would like to cover.

Maybe you don’t want the heavy-big stuff kind of package. Not that you don’t want to go there ever, just want to take it easier for now.

Or maybe you are not sure about the value of coaching yet, especially in your love life.

Or maybe just…you don’t know anything about me! And you want to be sure you can trust me before we go all out.

It is all ok with me! Whatever your reasons for choosing flexibility are, you can book those individual coaching sessions at any time, when you need them the most. They engage yourself for one session only. Of course, you can book how many as you want, as often you want, for how long you want. Just note: there is no monthly subscription or minimum contract, just a fixed price of 60€ per session.