We are constantly proposing new offers to match our client’s needs, as well as their level of commitment and budgets. At the moment, you can choose between the following options:

Your Fairy Tale Program is a 6 months coaching program specially designed for single women who want to be happy whatever happens in their love life. A great way to boost your appetite for confidence, adventures and self discovery!

Law of attraction workshop is made to help you design the life and the relationships you really want. Come and join our tiny group of students online for some vizualisation exercices, day dreaming and most importantly, a lot of fun! COMING SOON

Individual coaching sessions are dedicated to women who want to work on their love/life balance at their own pace and with no strings attached. A 100% custom experience to talk about what you need when you need it.

“So…I had a date last night” is a one time low key coaching session were we can talk about your last date. Every Monday evening. A great way to make you appreciate the benefits of coaching in your love life for a minimum investment.