Your Fairy Tale Program

Your Fairy Tale Program has been specially designed for women to make the best out of their solo time and switch from “Arg, I am alone again! ” to “Cool, some time to focus on myself!” during 6 months.

During this time, we strongly encourage our attendees to spend this time with a minimum of distractions (understand: male distractions) so they can finally do what they never did before in their life: focus on them and what they want. Because that’s the best investment of time and energy they can make for now.

How does that look like?

First, we will have a 2 hours call at the beginning of every month around a specific subject. This is more of a teaching session-even though you will participate-of course! At the end of the call, you will know what to work on and which book you need to go through for the next month.

We will meet again for one hour at mid-month to talk about your challenges and successes since our last conversation. I will put my coach cap for this one, you will do most of the talking!

Finally, I will be available per email, in between sessions, for any question you may have and will regularly check on how you are doing.

But, most importantly, this program can succeed only with your personal investment: you will need to be committed and ready to get your hands dirty.

Is it going to be hard? Sometimes… Is it going to be worth it? A million times yes!

Marie-Founder of Your Fairy Tale Program

What is included in it?

♕ 6 months of customized coaching program

♕ About 20 hours of one to one coaching

♕ One personalized book recommendation per month

♕ Email support in between sessions

♕ Goodies and surprises 😉

What is in there for you?

♕ A transformative experience that will impact you beyond your love life

♕ A unique moment in your life to get to know you and take care of your amazing self

♕ A genuine and loving support from somebody who has walked in your shoes before

At the end of the program, you will:

♕ Feel more freedom, more happiness, more balance and so much more!

♕ Approach your love life in a healthy and nurturing way

♕ Have a clear picture of a lifestyle that suits YOU

♕ Wonder why you didn’t do this program earlier in your life! 🙂

This program is probably not the right fit if:

-You are looking for a quick fix

-You are looking for a program to help you dating

-You are 100% convinced that you can only be happy if you are in a relationship

-You are looking for tricks to trap a man into a relationship


Your financial investment will be 200€ per month, for a 6 months program.

You can chose to pay everything in one go and make yourself accountable through your financial investment or decide to pay monthly. It’s up to you!