Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, in a not-that-far-away land, there was a princess. She was brave and beautiful, and lead her kingdom with grace and fairness.

The princess had many friends and her royal duties kept her busy, but at nightfall, she couldn’t help but to feel lonely in her castle. One night, under a bright sky of a million stars, in what could have been a perfect romantic setting, she realized she couldn’t wait for her promised prince charming any longer.

In despair, she came to find her mum to seek for advice: “Mother, I have seen more tournaments than any knight of the neighbour’ kingdoms, attended as many balls as my feet could sustain, received males of any ages in audience- hoping they will come nicely accompanied, thrown tissues, learned the lute, played with fans. But nothing seems to bring me closer to my prince charming”. “Well then, try harder!” sighed her mother while leaving the room.

This night, the princess found herself unable to sleep, and when the first lights of sunrise knocked at her windows, she went down the stairs of the castle in silence to join the garden. She couldn’t believe how fragrant and pleasantly lively the place was at that time of the day: the stream whispering, the birds singing, the intense scents of the roses. “I never come here usually” she sighed. “Actually, I never visit anywhere: I just pass through places to go to the next reception or the next knighting. I bet this robin saw more of the kingdom than I did” she whispered, tears in her eyes.

She felt lost, tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, so many things were going through her head and her heart! She wanted that to stop. She briefly considered the enchanter’s potions, but she knew the relief of the magic would only be temporary. She thought about running away but she couldn’t even think about all the stress and worry she would cause through the kingdom. “Then, what?” she spat bitterly “If I can’t find love, what is in there for me? A princess without a prince is…is…”, she struggled, unable to finish “is…is…still a princess”. She stopped. Then slowly started to smile. She knew what she had to do.

Actually, she didn’t, but she knew she wanted some new adventures. With the help of her maid, she gathered a few garments, got her horse ready and left with no plan. She had realised that day in the garden that she didn’t know what was her favourite flower, or colour, or anything really. She thought she might start with the enchanted forest of the next village, or maybe their bakery that was supposedly making dishes from far away kingdoms.

She left for weeks. Her mother was considering asking the troops to look for her when she came back, stronger and happier than ever. Tired too, but more alive. “My heart is filled with joy to see you safe and sound my beloved daughter” said her mother, “let us gather the kingdom to celebrate your return!” she clapped with excitement. “Thank you, but no thank you” answered the princess. “I have some better adventures to catch up with, my kingdom for a book!”

And since, she lived happily whatever…