I am not sure why Your New Fairy Tale program is different from the others, why should I work with you?

Well, you will probably find tons of other programs who will help you find the “one”, or getting married in less than X days, or “make it commit” kind of thing, but what really matter to us is YOU. Among other things, how satisfied you are with your life, how much you express what you want (what you really really want), how much you let what is happening outside influence who you are inside. Because a relationship won’t fix that. And that what we are working on.

On your website (and in other coaches content), I regularly find the word “coachable”, what does that even mean?

Not a word you use in every day’s conversation, I give you that! Basically, it means that you are open to change. You are open to new ideas, new actions, new ways of seeing your reality- starting by the fact that you have an active role in it. In a word, you don’t know how but you want to give your goal a fair shot.

I love the idea of your workshop but I can’t afford it right now…

I understand! We are currently looking for new ways of delivering our workshops so that more people can benefit from it. We are also constantly adding new content to this website, so we would recommend getting in touch with us via our newsletter, our blog and/or social media so you can follow us while deciding what is the best time for you to work together. You can also check our “Free stuff” page.

I am not comfortable with English, are you providing this program in other languages?

Our website and program are only in English for now. Individual coaching sessions can be provided in French though.

Aren’t “Your Fairy Tale program” and “So…I had a date last night” sessions serving opposite goals…?

Both are talking to the same people: single women who are unhappy with whatever is going on in their love life at the moment. Some have made the decision to stop dating, the others haven’t, it doesn’t mean that I can’t support the latest in a different way 😉

What is it like to work with you?

Good question! You can have a good idea by checking previous blog posts and videos. You can also hear it from my previous customers, find our answers to relationship questions on Quora.com, in English and in French. You can also check my global coaching website here.

I love the illustrations on your website, who did you get them from?

Our website illustrations and logo have been done by the amazing Péter Pál Parragi. You can learn more about him here.