About you

We work with women who are unhappy with their relationship status.

Whatever you are currently in a bad relationship or desperately trying to find one, you know something is not quite the way it should.

You feel like you have tried everything to get out of celibacy: the online dating scene, follow advice like “you should go out there”, accept blind dates and setups, but nothing seems to take off. You have tried so hard that you don’t know what to do anymore, and you are pretty tired and frustrated about the situation.

And just as if it wasn’t enough, in addition of undergoing a situation you didn’t choose, you see time ticking, and the urgency feeling that grows in you is getting worse at every pregnancy, wedding and engagement announcement.

However, recently, you couldn’t help to notice:

Some friends who are genuinely happy single.

Some acquaintances who are happy in “unusual” relationships- with a peculiar story and/or different from what we usually expect from a romance.

The cracks in the relationships of people who regularly push you to be with someone.

Worse: you realised that you are as miserable when you are in a relationship than when you are not– bummer.

So you start to wonder: would it be possible to have a happy life without being in a relationship?

Check out the story of our princess who is wondering the exact same thing.

In addition, you are ready to:

♕ Work on your own happiness

♕ Let go of the habits and behaviours that don’t serve you anymore

♕ Experience your every day like you have never experienced it before

♕ Expand your life beyond relationships