About me

Hi, I am Marie, life, relationship and law of attraction coach, writer, founder of Your Fairy Tale Program and SheLivedHappilyWhateverAfter.com.

Marie went through her own journey when it comes to relationships: from being cheated when she was 10 to years of celibacy, her path to build a healthy relationship definitely had some twists and turns.

After reaching her “one too much relationship” in 2013, she started to notice patterns in her love life and decided to do something about it. And the rest is history!

Her journey included a lot of counselling, coaching and books, first for her relationship life but, very soon, for all other aspects of her life too. She moved to Ireland in 2014 where her next years have been full of new experiences, solo time and epiphanies, until she met her-now-husband in 2017– well, actually it only stopped the solo time.

Pushed by a consistent will to help others, she decided to train as a life and relationship coach and successfully graduated from the Irish Lifecoach Institute in 2019, after 9 months of training.

She now lives in Germany where she continues her journey towards her dream life, in the warmth of the fireplace of her historical house.

She is passionate about anything personal growth-related, reading, writing and music. She loves her nephews, the smell of coffee, cooking/baking, autumn, travelling and adult colouring books.

She defines herself as being hard-working, positive, reliable and resilient. Her coaching style is supportive and genuine, she will have no problem being honest, but always with love and care.

You can check on Marie’s coaching website here for more testimonials, blog posts and Quora answers.