Book recommendations

I am passionate about reading since I know how to and I have read a lot of personal growth/non fiction books for the last few years. I thought I would share a selection of the ones I think could help you with your journey- more of them to come!

The Dance of Anger- Harriet Lerner

What is it? This book explores the feeling of anger in women: where it comes from, how we can deal with it and how it sometimes alterate to our relationships with our friends, family and partners when not adressed. From “being a good girl” to struggling to express our own needs, our journey as women is often paved with feelings of hurt and frustrations of all kind. Harriet Lerner provides clear ways of identifying our behaviour patterns and comprenhensive directions to use anger as a positive tool for change.

Who is it for? Any women! This book should be part of our education from as soon as we are old enough to understand it!

Why is it good? Harriet Lerner invites us to awknowledge our anger and take responsibility for it while providing very concrete and well explained new ways of reacting to those situations and people who are “driving us crazy”. It is the right balance between theory and life examples, and full of empathy while staying factual. Probably why it is an international bestseller!

My biggest take away from the book: An essential and necessary reminder that relationships are a 2 parts deal and that we all have a part to play in the ones we have in our lives. Painful to admit sometimes, but crucial to change dynamics around us!

The Unexpected Joy of Being Single- Catherine Gray

What is it? Catherine Gray is also the bestselling author of “The unexpected joy of being sober”. After solving her alcohol problem, she tells about her sober life…as a single. From her love addiction to dating around a soda glass, she explores what it means to be single today and how she found her “happily ever after”.

Who is it for? People who are single and feel miserable, people who are in terrible couples and feel miserable, people in couple who preach to the single people around them they should be in couple.

Why is it good? It is so refreshing and most of all: so much fun! Not because she’s mocking her situation, but because all her anecdotes come with witty and clever reflections that bring a lot of good sense on what used to be (still is?) considered as a “problem”. Expect to sprinkle your reading with a lot of “yeah, definitely!” aloud.

My biggest take away from the book: All of it! I loved every single page- I would have loved to read it about 10 years earlier though…