Let’s be honest from the start: you HATE being single. You hate the loneliness, you hate the useless dates, the every day reminders of it, whatever it is to show up at a party without a plus one or the unsolicited comments of literally anyone who feel the need to remind you “you are not getting younger, you know?”, the mix platter starter you can’t share (but end up ordering anyway), all the destinations you wish you could see but “not like that”, the pressure of making grand children, the wedding’s invitations of all your University peers. All of it.

What if I told you: you can be a happy woman whether you are in a relationship or not?

Yes, you can be more balanced and attract more joy in your life- whatever is happening in your love life!

If you are reading this, you are probably a single woman who feel like she has tried everything to be in a relationship with a man. You listened to your friends and family advice, you went on blind dates, you attended more parties that you wanted to, you did this workshop on “How to attract the man of your dream in 3 days”. Everything! So much so that you don’t know what to do anymore…

That’s ok most of the time, you can handle the sadness that occasionally grows into you at the end of the day, the loneliness too, but, recently you experienced a “one time too much”, whatever it was this date you should have never go to, this guy who ghosted you (again) or this discussion with your sister who tried to convince you that “you should settle down now”.

You are pretty tired and frustrated about your situation. You have enough. In your confusion you know one thing: you can’t continue like that anymore.

We could be a great fit if…

♕ You don’t like being single

♕ Your relationships have often (all the time?) being complicated

♕ You know that something in your love life is not quite right- but you don’t know what

♕ You don’t want to continue acting the same way in your love life

♕ You feel like you need fresh air

If so, I imagine you would love to…

♕ Stop suffering from being single

♕ Make dating fun and light for you

♕ Shush the constant commenting around your love life

♕ Focus on finding “the” relationship instead of “a” relationship

♕ Find a way through all of that that works for YOU

♕ Shake things up a bit!

We might like each other a lot if…

♕ You are friendly and have a good sense of humour- you even laugh about yourself sometimes

♕ You are not afraid of questioning things

♕ You are a fair person with a good sense of ethic

♕ You are willing to do everything for subjects that matter to you

♕ You are curious and open to know

♕ You are hopeful that you can change things

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